Have you ever wondered how much your treasures are worth?

We can provide you with a free informal “fair market value” appraisal of your items.

Fair market value is simply the price an item would sell for on the open market which should represent an accurate valuation of its worth. There are many factors in determining the value of an object.

Condition is usually the most important factor followed by age of the item, markings, size, country of origin, and the material it is made from. In addition, what used to be valuable is constantly changing in value, sometimes up and sometimes down.

Garages Sales

Many of us have garage sales to declutter our homes. While decluttering is generally a good thing, a person could possibly sell something of value for pennies. If you have anything of questionable value, please take advantage of our free informal appraisal of your item/s prior to your sale. You may be very pleasantly surprised to learn your paintings, jewelry, furniture, or other items are worth a lot more than you imagined. Items previously considered worthless are becoming more collectible as we speak!

Have you found something at a garage sale or estate sale you believe to be valuable? Are you updating or redecorating your home? You may have furniture, lamps, etc. that may be of value to a collector. Have you inherited paintings, jewelry or other items? Perhaps the inherited items don’t suit your taste, but you would like to know their worth in determining whether or not to sell them.

There are many reasons you may want to know the value of your belongings. Whatever the reason, don’t hesitate because we offer a fair, honest and free informal “fair market value” of your items and offer these options:

  • Email a photo of your property to info@vogtauction.com.
    Call us at (210) 593-8412.

  • Bring your piece(s) to our auction house at 7241 Blanco Road in San Antonio (just north of Loop 410).
    We are open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. No appointment needed.
  • We are also happy to meet with you in person to evaluate your property in your home or other location.
    Call us at (210) 593-8412 to schedule an appointment.

If you would like a written appraisal for replacement value or insurance purposes, we can recommend a reliable service.

Our family-owned business has been providing appraisal services for 45 years. Our on-site appraiser is a member of the International Society of Appraisers. We also have a Decorative Arts Specialist to appraise luxury items. We specialize in the appraisal and sale of antique furniture, Texan & European art, decorative arts, rugs, folk art, jewelry, coins, and sterling silver.

In addition to providing appraisals, we have a weekly auction and several luxury auctions per year at our location at 7241 Blanco Road. If you are interested in selling item/s, we provide a free appraisal and market your item/s to an extensive network of buyers. We can even help you arrange transport of your item/s. We sell pieces on consignment and buy estates outright. Our services also include conducting estate sales.

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