• We provide a free, no-obligation consultation.

    Once you schedule a meeting with us, we can answer all your questions about how the sale will be handled, what to expect from our company, how much our services cost, and any other questions you may have.  This is at no cost to you.

  • The Contract

    All details will be discussed and agreed upon in the initial meeting. We then provide a contract to protect you as well as us.

  • Keeping items

    If you cannot remove the items you wish to keep prior to the sale, we will designate an area of the home to store them. This area will be closed off to the public.

  • Inventory all belongings and furnishings

    Let us decide what will sell and what should be thrown away. With our experience, we have seen some unusual items sell that a client may have deemed worthless.

  • Set reserve pricing

    We do not advise setting a minimum price on items. It tends to discourage buyers. However, the decision is yours.

  • Setting up the sale

    We stage the entire house placing all items in plain view for buyers. The more items viewed, the more sales. In order to ensure everything is easily visible, we may bring in extra tables and shelving units.

  • Pricing

    We research and price each item accordingly. When it comes to valuables such as jewelry and art, our certified appraisers will determine the price tag. We strive to get you the largest posible profit from the sale.

  • Advertising

    We have numerous means of advertising and use them all to reach as many potential buyers as possible. We try to not only pull in buyers from San Antonio, but from surrounding areas as well. In our advertising we list any special rules or stipulations that may apply to the sale such as for parking.

  • Protection

    We do not post the address of your sale until the day prior to the sale. In addition, if there are numerous valuable items, it may be necessary to have security on site. This would be decided upon during the initial meeting.




We provide a free, no-obligation consultation.